Each massage modality is the same price. We believe that every style has a unique benefit for the client and is equally valuable. This allows therapists the freedom to use other techniques during a session to accommodate the client's needs for no additional charge. Prices include tax.

$100/60 min

$140/90 min

$180/120 min

$500/6 hour package

                Packages may be shared with family members. Gift certificates available. 

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Canvas Signature Massage

This session combines a variety of techniques to reset the whole body. Medium to deep pressure swedish strokes, deep tissue, stretching, and relaxation techniques are all incorporated a unique massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic.


Active Isolated Stretching

This style of stretching increases range of motion and helps realign posture to help your body move in a balanced manner. It is effective for chronic pain relief, increasing circulation, and injury recovery & prevention.


Hawaiian Relaxation

This session is based on Lomi Lomi, a traditional Hawaiian style. It uses light to medium pressure broad strokes that vary in repetition and speed, gentle rhythmic music, and essential oils to allow the client to enter a deep state of relaxation that promotes the body's natural healing processes. Excellent for stress relief, headaches, and chronic overall tension.


Sports Massage

A sports massage session combines firm pressure and stretching to target specific muscles. It helps reduce workout related muscle soreness, recover from injury, and prevent future injury. Make Sports Massage part of your self care routine for optimal performance.


Prenatal Massage

Extra pillows are provided for comfort so the client can comfortably lay on her side. Swedish, deep tissue, and stretching are used to help with pregnancy-related ached, pains, and swelling.


Oncology Massage

Therapeutic session with light touch, lymphatic encouragement, and gentle stretching to help with aches and pains, fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms related to oncology treatments and surgeries. Extra pillows are used as needed for optimum comfort.

Massage vs. Cancer fatigue


TMJ & Migraine Massage

This specialized service is geared toward releasing chronic tension in the neck, head, face, and jaw. Gentle stretching, manual ligament therapy, trigger point release, and scalp massage are combined to allow circulation to flow freely and decrease intracranial pressure.